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House Calls

We have found that many doctors are finding it difficult to arrange for their house-bound patients and those patients living in Retirement Homes to have their eyes tested in hospitals. We offer a call-out service to all housebound patients.

We are the longest established visiting opticians in Ireland. Since 1983, we have carried our impeccable service to house bound patients throughout the counties of Kildare, Dublin, Meath and Wicklow.

All those who find it difficult to call to their optician, can rely on Dominic Mulvey Mobile Optical Service to provide them with superb eye care in the comfort of their own homes. We provide a full testing and frame dispensing service and our visiting opticians always carry a full range of frames from the very basic to the latest top designer models. Some people qualify for this service completely free of charge through their state benefits (Medical Card). Claimants for state optical benefit must have their application for a house call approved in advance by the relevant authority before making an appointment.
For more details, contact us at 0868532931.


When we did an examination recently for one patient, the house manager in the home explained to me that if she had not been able to call us out, it would have been necessary to send him in to the Eye Department by ambulance. In this man’s case, a special wheelchair-accessible ambulance would have been needed and these are very rare. In addition to that, she would have been obliged to send two members of staff with him, taking them away from other duties.

Dominic Mulvey is registered with the Health Services Executive. We offer a full testing and dispensing service and complete aftercare. As most if not all such residents are Medical Card Holders, this service is FREE OF CHARGE to both the patient and the nursing home when the patient picks the standard frame. If frames from our private range are chosen, the patient pays the difference in price.

We do not charge a call out fee to patients who are medical card holders as we see this as an extension of our normal service. The call out fee for private patients is €50 including the eye examination fee.

We currently look after the eye care needs of 25 Nursing Homes along the Eastern seaboard from Malahide to Wexford. If you wish to know more about our Domiciliary Service please contact us for details.

Why not take advantage of FREE Eye Examinations by a professional, fully qualified Optician, in the comfort of your own home or workplace?

The practice will come to you offering a full service, which includes:

Comprehensive Eye Examination

Complete range of frames available

FREE through your Medical Card

Professional Spectacle Dispensing & Fitting

Personal Delivery

Warranty included

This mobile Optician Service is available throughout the country

So for a professional and caring home visit, contact us at 086 8532931.

We aim to be responsive to the optical health needs of those clients who are unable to access high street optical services.

Aims :

Identify & establish HSE eligibility

Arrange appointments within acceptable time frames and at the request and recommendation of Healthcare professionals, carers and relatives

Provide equity, quality and value in all aspects of its visiting service

To communicate its services to this optically neglected and vulnerable group

We achieve this by :

Using skilled mature professionals who are experienced and empathetic to the needs of this vulnerable group

Provision of equipment, documentation and information to enable the professional to carry out their job to a high level

Provide General Ophthalmic Services as required by the Opticians act and Dept of Health Terms of Service

Gain feedback from all parties to monitor, evaluate and improve service

Working as closely as possible with community care, social services and relatives

Community Eyecare from an independent home visiting optician

Caring for clients, carers and staff

Communicating its services in a professional manner through appropriate media and by word of mouth.

We aim to be professional but flexible and versatile.


Regardless of your age or physical health, it is important for everyone to have regular eye exams. Everyone over the age of 60 should be encouraged to have their eyes examined every 2 years; this is available under the Medical Card. If you are not able to leave home unaccompanied then the HSE will fund the sight test in your own home.

When an optician examines your eyes, he or she is doing more than checking to see if you need glasses. During a complete eye exam, your eye doctor will determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, but will also check your eyes for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

Here are some of the conditions that we will check for:

* Refractive Error: This refers to your prescription, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

* Strabismus: Strabismus is defined as crossed or turned eyes. We check your eyes' alignment to be sure that they are working together. Strabismus causes problems with depth perception and can lead to amblyopia.

* Amblyopia: This occurs when the eyes are turned or when one eye has a much different prescription than the other. The brain will "shut off" the image from the turned or blurry eye. When left untreated, amblyopia can stunt the visual development of the affected eye, resulting in permanent vision impairment.

* Eye Diseases: Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma and diabetic eye disease, have no symptoms in their early stages. We will check the health of your eyes for signs of early problems. In most cases, early detection and treatment of eye diseases can help reduce the risk of permanent vision loss.

* Other Diseases: We can detect early signs of some other conditions and diseases by looking at your eye's blood vessels and retina. For example, we may be able to tell you if you are developing high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol.

* Dominic Mulvey Opticians… all your optical needs at your doorstep.


Your eyes will be examined both externally and internally. This will enable an assessment to be made of the health of your eyes and may identify any other underlying medical problems. The interior of your eye will be examined using an ophthalmoscope, a special torch that shines a light through the pupil allowing a detailed study of the internal structures. Your pupil reflexes will also be tested.

Other tests that may be carried out, if necessary, include those for colour vision deficiency.


We will then measure your vision both with and without any spectacles or lenses you already use to check for any problems with your eyesight. We will assess your distance vision (for watching television and driving), your near vision (for reading and close work) and your intermediate vision (for computer use). We will then carry out a series of tests to measure the type and extent of any problem with your vision and, if necessary, you will then be asked to choose between different lenses to see which ones help the quality and clarity of your vision.

Eye movements/Co-ordination

We will also test your eye movements and eye co-ordination to ensure that both of your eyes are working together, and that undue stress is not being placed on the eye muscles.

After the Examination

After your examination we will have a detailed knowledge of the health of your eyes, the standard of your vision and any special requirements that you may have. This information will be explained to you and we will then discuss the best form of vision correction to suit your lifestyle and visual needs.

We will then advise on the appropriate interval until your next examination and either prepare a prescription for spectacles or give you a statement which confirms that your eyes don't need correction. Where necessary, we will refer you for further checks/assistance using our links with the HSE services in your area.

If you do need assistance with your vision then we will give you help in choosing spectacles from the comfort of your home – our range starts with ‘cheap and cheerful’ frames and goes through to the latest designer fashions. We will also provide advice on the type of frames that will suit your face shape, suitable lens types and the different types of coatings that are available. If you can’t afford glasses we will assess your situation to see whether we can offer you a FREE pair. Once your glasses arrive, we will deliver them to your doorstep and fit them and check your vision through them.

We will also send you a reminder when your next appointment is due, although if you have a problem with your vision or your eyes before your next examination is due then there is no need to wait – contact us and we will bring forward your check-up.

For more information on the eye examination itself, please contact us at 0858532931.


I found my new glasses to work very well and all my friends loved the smart new design. Service was superb - I had my new glasses within 10 days M.Creagh,Dublin

Thank you so much for the new readers you made for me. I have ordered three more pairs as your prices are so good ! L.O'Keeffe Dublin

We had Dominic Mulvey come on site to test our staff, all of whom use computer screens. We found the service courteous, efficient and friendly. On theday that we set aside for this , we expected some disruption to our work butthe testing went on quietly and the staff were only away from their desks for a short while. In the few cases where glasses were needed specifically for computer work, everyone was delighted with their frames and lenses. I can thoroughly recommend D.Mulvey Opticians Corporate Service to anyone who needs their staff checked. - Ger Mullen, Liberty Asset Management

They arrived today. Optically just what I needed and they are a perfect
fit - no adjustment needed at all.
Many thanks.
I will shortly get you to make up an intermediate pair for computer use.
Many thanks
G.F. (France)

My glasses arrived today and fit me perfectly. The Optik is just as requested. I am very happy with them. Thank you so much I will be ordering a spare pair next week. G.Kurtz, Frankfurt-am-Main 15/06/2007

Onsite Service to Nursing Homes

We provide a Special Service to
Nursing & Residential Care Homes and Day Care Centres

Eye tests for your residents

We understand that your residents cannot always let you know that their vision is failing. We understand that impairment of their eyesight can make your job harder. We understand that many nursing and care home patients are not taking full advantage of their entitlement to free eye care, and we want to remedy the situation.

A recent RNIB report highlights that older people may lack awareness of their own potential health risk and make the incorrect assumption that it is safe to wait for sight loss symptoms before having an eye health check.

At Dominic Mulvey Opticians we can visit and conduct eye examinations and deliver a complete dispensing service at your residential, nursing or care home or Day Care Centre. We currently look after the needs of residents in over 25 Nursing Homes along the Eastern Seaboard.

Just telephone our main number 086 853 2931 and ask about our nursing and care home services.

Appointments will be confirmed to suit the home's requirements for an individual delivery and fitting service for your residents. You can have complete confidence in our products and services.

Newest Lens Technology - Anti-Scratch Lenses

Scratch resistant lenses
No lens material — not even glass — is scratch-proof. However, a lens that is treated front and back with a clear, hard coating does become more resistant to scratching, whether it's from dropping your glasses on the floor or occasionally cleaning them with a paper towel, your lenses will survive this kind of treatment better if they have been coated.

Children's lenses, especially, benefit from a scratch-resistant hard coat. Our Ultra tough multicoated lenses (UTMC) provide anti scratch, anti reflection and water repellent protection.

Since a scratch-resistant coating can't completely protect your lenses from wear and tear, we do advise you to keep your glasses in a cushioned case we provide.

The Mobile Service

 Dominic Mulvey is the largest and longest established national provider of home eye testing in Ireland. Using the latest portable diagnostic equipment we are able to bring the modern consulting room to the comfort of your own home.

Corporate Eye Care


Under EU Health and Safety Regulations, (901270/EEC Article 9. SI No 44 of 1993 Reg. 32),and the Health and Safety in the Workplace Acts 2004 and 2007 all employers must provide an eye test for those workers who use computers. Companies that fail to provide these tests are liable to a €3,000 fine.

The employer must bear the cost of these examinations and if any spectacles are needed specifically for use with computer equipment, the employer must bear this cost also. We supply the standard spectacle frame at a very reasonable cost.

This regulation includes CCTV monitors and LCD and LED displays. For staff who are new, the employer must provide them with this examination before they start work. These examinations must also be provided on a regular basis (Every 2 years is the recommended time).

D.Mulvey Opticians Ltd. provide on-site eye examinations and spectacles if needed, for computer operators at very competitive rates. We provide certification for insurance and HR Department records in all cases. We can examine your workers on site (in all parts of the country). This allows us to examine all workers at the same time and so minimise disruption to the working day.

If the operator requires frames from our fashion range, they must pay the difference in cost themselves.


As an employer, you have a legal duty of care to your employees. Apart from the fact that it is best Health and Safety practice to provide eye tests for your employees you now have LEGAL OBLIGATION to do so. 

In the event that an eye related claim for damages arises against you, if you have provided these tests to your employees, you will be able to demonstrate that you have complied with the legislation and have acted reasonably. This fact will go a long way to minimising any awards for damages. The Health and Safety Authority are now empowered to levy fines of €3,000 on employers who fail to provide these examinations for their staff.

Another issue often forgotten by employers is that if a new employee joins your staff, after you have had everyone tested and you neglect to provide the test for that new staff member, then you would be seen by the courts as acting unfairly and negligently to that employee. The solution is to have your employees tested regularly (once every two  years would be seen as reasonable).

Disclaimer:: This website does not purport to give legal advice. The above paragraphs are given solely for information. If you have any legal concerns, you are advised to seek help from your solicitor.

Among our corporate clients are:

An Garda Siochana

Radionics Ltd

Canon (Irl) Ltd

Reprographics Ltd

Abbott Laboratories

Irish Medicines Board

Department of Foreign Affairs

Liberty Asset Management

Marsh Management

Office of the Ombudsman


Wicklow County Council

Dublin City Council

...and many more.


Many occupations require perfect colour vision. We carry out colour vision screening for employees using the Ishihara Plate Method as approved by FAS. As part of this examination we provide a written report for employers and course directors. About 4% of the male population and about 2% of females have some colour defect. This can range from mild colour anomalies to (the very rare) complete lack of colour perception (monochromatic vision). 


We advise all parents to have their children screened while still at school. This means that if a defect shows up, this knowledge can help greatly with the child's choice of career. Vocations such as Naval Signals personnel and electricians require full trichromatic (3 colour) vision and it can be very disappointing if a young person sets their mind on a career only to find themselves disqualified because of a defect in their colour vision.


We provide protection for eyes from both chemical accident and high velocity impact using Polycarbonate lenses to BSI standards in specially designed Safety frames. These lenses can be made in Plano or to prescription as needed. We also carry a range of specialist safety frame  solutions. If your company has a need for Industrial Eye Protection we are the ones to call. 

Eye injuries can be very traumatic and disfiguring. In situations where workers are exposed to the risk of a penetrating eye injury (e.g. grinding, welding etc.) it is vital that eye protection is worn. In these cases we advise the use of Polycarbonate lenses. Where chemical injury is a possibility, we advise toughened glass lenses. When the worker has a spectacle prescription, we recommend that the protective lenses be made in that prescription to give optimum vision, comfort and safety. Machine operators whose vision is properly corrected are much less likely to make costly and dangerous mistakes.


We advise on the ergonomic aspect of the use of computer and other equipment.
We also advise on lighting and other general lighting issues.


The Department of the Enviornment now require all drivers and learners to have an eye examination done when applying for a licence. We provide Driver Vision Testing and Certification, stating that the driver is visually fit to drive. This is a requirement for all drivers applying for a licence. There is no obligation for drivers who are already licenced to have their eyes tested but nonetheless, we advise anyone who drives to have their eyes tested once a year.

For a quote for any of these services please email us at dominicmulvey"gmail.comn or telephone us for personal assistance at 0868532931


In today's work environment, good standards of vision are essential. We carry out examinations and certify the visual standards of applicants for all jobs. Depending on the exact visual tasks demanded by the job, different careers require different standards.


The minimum visual standards required by the Aviation Authorities are as follows :-


Uncorrected Vision : No set standard
Corrected Vision : 6/9 in each eye and 6/6 with both eyes together
Colour Vision : Normal Full Colour Vision
Muscle Balance : Normal Muscle Balance
Visual Fields : Full Visual Fields required
Refractive Surgery : Laser surgery to correct visual defects is NOT recommended
Bifocals : Forbidden
Contact Lenses : Gas Permeable Contact Lenses are recommended if vision is stable
Near Vision : Pilots should be able to read N14 with each eye at 1 metre and N5 at 30 to 50 cm


The standards for Air Traffic Controllers are the same as for pilots


Cabin crew need only reach 6/24 in each eye unaided. Spectacles or contact lenses may be worn - Gas Permeable for preference.



Uncorrected Vision : 6/9
Corrected Vision : 6/6 in each eye
Colour Vision : Normal Full Colour Vision
Muscle Balance : N/A
Visual Fields : N/A
Refractive Surgery : N/A
Bifocals : N/A
Contact Lenses : N/A
Near Vision : N/A

As above but uncorrected vision should be 6/6



Uncorrected Vision : 6/36
Corrected Vision : 6/6 in one eye 6/9 in the other
Colour Vision : Normal Full Colour Vision
Muscle Balance : Normal
Visual Fields : N/A
Refractive Surgery : N/A
Bifocals : N/A
Contact Lenses : N/A
Near Vision : N/A


Uncorrected Vision : 6/18
Corrected Vision : 6/6 in one eye 6/9 in the other
Colour Vision : Normal Full Colour Vision
Muscle Balance : Normal
Visual Fields : N/A
Refractive Surgery : N/A
Bifocals : N/A
Contact Lenses : N/A
Near Vision : N/A


Uncorrected Vision : 6/9
Corrected Vision : 6/6 in one eye 6/9 in the other
Colour Vision : Normal Full Colour Vision
Muscle Balance : Normal
Visual Fields : N/A
Refractive Surgery : N/A
Bifocals : N/A
Contact Lenses : N/A
Near Vision : N/A


Uncorrected Vision 6/12 in the better eye
Corrected Vision 6/9 and 6/6

Colour Vision Full Colour Vision is Essential


Uncorrected Vision 6/24 and 6/12

Colour Vision Normal

Visual Fields Normal

Our Rates

All House call prices are for the Greater Dublin Area. Prices outside this area are subject to quote.
House Call Eye Examination......................................................50 Eur
Single vision spectacle complete from ....................................60 Eur
Bifocal spectacles complete from...........................................120 Eur
Varifocals complete from.........................................................240 Eur
Tinted Lenses ..............................................................................40 Eur
Photochromatic (Reactive) lenses............................................80 Eur
Anti-reflevtive/antiscratch lenses............................................80 Eur
Ultra-thin lenses..........................................................................80 Eur
Polycarbonate safety lenses.......................................................90 Eur
Fashion and designer frames STQ.